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Beer, Omul and Freeride 2017

(ski-tours in Mamay Ravine)

When:  9 - 16 december   booking: 7 из 7    cost: 800$


When time comes and first snowflakes show up out there – true freeriders pick up their ski-touring stuff and make it to faraway Siberian mountains to enjoy bottomless snow…

Goal: Open skitour season with fresh snow and beautiful view

The mountains: Mamay Ravine is situated on the coast of immense Baikal Lake. Good location contributes to regular and full precipitation – 1 meter at once is not the limit! The heights are moderate - about 1600 meters, and elevations are about 700 meters. These are adequate for a person of average physical form, yet require considerable efforts. But after several hours of walking those who hold on get an opportunity to bowl along soft snow observing unbounded Baikal.

Lodging:: We live in comfortable mountain hut with a stove, electricity, bunk beds and other delights of taiga accommodation. And after the tour – in comfortable country house.


Tour schedule:

Day 1. Saturday. Arriving to Irkutsk, night in Irkutsk.

Day 2. Sunday. Transfer to the trailhead of Mamay Ravine. Getting to the huts (4 hours). Belongings are being carried by snowmobiles, people – by (their own) foot. Settling down.

Days 3-7. Monday – Friday. Ski-touring and riding.

Day 8. Saturday. Returning to civilization. Having rest at tourist base. Beer, omul, Russian banya.

Day 9. Sunday. Transfer to the airport.


Equipment required:

skis with touring bindings or a splitboard, skins, ski/splitboard crampons, sleeping bag (-5 to 0 Celsius)


transfer Irkutsk airport – Mamay - Irkutsk airport,

meals at Mamay,


avalanche equipment rental

and alcohol, needed for support of morale

Not included: accommodation in Irkutsk, meals on the road, alcohol exceeding needs for supporting morale

Prepayment: 300$

How it was early

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